meet the instructors


Matt Vernon, Head instructor

      Matthew Vernon, Owner and Head Instructor of Primate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is a black belt under Professor Christian Derr of Clinch Martial Arts in Owasso, Ok. Professor Derr is a black belt under the legendary Jean Jacques Machado, cousin of the Gracie family, who is renown for being one of the top instructors in the world. Master Machado has also won the prestigious ADCC tournament, known to crown the best grappler in the world, and he did it in dominating fashion by finishing all his fights by submission. Known for his fight to finish style and incredible teaching ability, he has passed down this philosophy, not only to Professor Derr, but also influenced Matt first hand in the few times they have met. Needless to say the BJJ lineage is strong in the Clinch/JJM association, and Matthew is honored to be a part of it.

       Ask anyone who has ever met Matt, and they can tell you his passion for the art of BJJ is undeniable. From the early years of Ninja Turtles, to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies, he was always very interested in the Martial Arts. As a teen, high school sports, including football and wrestling always kept him busy so it wasn't until after graduation that his competitive juices started flowing again and his passion for the now popular UFC got him to try BJJ.  After his first session, he was hooked. From that day on he has been obsessed with the art! Day in and day out his mind was always thinking of how to get better at BJJ. It was only natural that one day he would be an instructor. He has dedicated his life to the art and passing down, not only his technical knowledge, but all of the positive life lessons he has learned through years of tough training and learning from some of the best instructors in the world.

        Matt is also a active BJJ competitor. He is a Fight to Win Pro veteran and has won multiple tournament titles throughout all belt ranks. Competition is an awesome way to test your Jiu Jitsu, and Matt has a lot of fun doing it. It's a real character building experience, and is the best way to learn where the holes are in your game. Sport BJJ is fun for all ages and Matt looks forward to coaching his kids and adults to victory!!!! Here are some highlights and tournament matches of Matt in action!

Assistant Coaches Allen and Andy Nguyen

Primate BJJ Andy Nguyen and Allen Nguyen

Primate BJJ wouldn't be the same without these two awesome individuals! Coach Andy and Coach Allen are both extremely nice and fun guys to train with. Both have a wealth of knowledge they are excited to pass it down to the next crop of white belts! Look forward to a lot of great training with these two if you are a beginner!

Judo Coach Hossein Kalami

Hossein Kalami is a 3rd degree black belt in the art of Judo. He has won national titles in both Judo and Sambo competition. He is great at explaining complex techniques so that even beginners can understand. He also spent time as the head Judo coach at Kansas University. Come try one of his classes Fridays at 6pm and learn to throw someone through the air!