A typical BJJ class at Primate Jiu Jitsu starts out with a traditional line-up followed by warm-up drills. The warm-ups generally consist of cardio drills or technical movement drills. After that, the instructor will show a technique or series of techniques and students pair off to practice them on one other. After some technical drilling, students pair off again to roll. In Jiu Jitsu, rolling is the equivalent to sparring. It is an opportunity for us to safely test the evolution of our skills against a fully resisting opponent. This is where we really develop situational awareness, fine tune our timing, technique, and balance, and develop our own “style.” New students will roll with a coach or more experienced students for their first few classes. Our more experienced students and coaches take care to roll more lightly with less experienced students to ensure safety and that everyone learns and enjoys themselves.

Muay Thai and Judo classes have a similar structure: Warm-ups, technical drills, and their respective form of sparring. Kids Jiu Jitsu classes also include these same elements, though with much more supervision and games at the end of class, time permitting.

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For your first few classes, we will provide you with a loaner BJJ Gi (pronounced ghee) though eventually you will want to purchase your own. When that time comes, we also sell Primate BJJ embroidered Gis at the academy. The BJJ Gi is different from other martial arts kimonos as it is made from significantly stronger weaves with reinforced stitching in order to endure all of the grabbing and yanking that is native to the sport.

No-Gi BJJ and Muay Thai classes do not require a specific uniform. However, loose shorts and t-shirts tend to snag and rip, so we encourage the use of board shorts and a rash guard or compression shirt such as those popularized by Under Armour. All attire must be void of pockets and zippers to avoid snagging fingers and toes or ripping the mats.

Of course! We have many students that begin their Jiu Jitsu journey looking for a fun way to lose weight or get in better shape. It is not uncommon for a student to lose 50-100 lbs their first year of training. We have several students at Primate Jiu Jitsu that could testify to that! BJJ is one of the best full body workouts on the planet, but better yet it’s so much fun to train! You’ll never have to drag yourself to your workout if you are training Jiu Jitsu!

As with any exercise regimen, you should seek approval from your doctor before starting your training.

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, everyone begins as a white belt. As you become more proficient, you begin to earn stripes. Stripes are generally awarded based on a combination of skill, character, and commitment. This is done at the discretion of the Professor. Once you’ve earned four stripes, you qualify for the next belt color in the belt rank progression.

Adult belt ranks are as follows:

White > Blue > Purple > Brown > Black

The children’s belt rank progression includes more intermediate belts. Some institutions take this a step further and add a white-striped belt, a solid belt, and a black-striped belt at each belt level for further granularity.

Children’s belt ranks are as follows:

White > Gray > Yellow > Orange > Green

When a child matures into a young adult and begins training in the adult class, he or she may qualify for a blue belt.

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