New mats! New classes (I need your help)?! Great rates on private lessons!!!!

Hey guys! There is a lot of good energy at Primate BJJ! Classes are getting packed so I'm happy to announce a few new things to look forward to in the coming weeks! 

First off, we are adding a little bit of mat space. It's not much more, but it will be the maximum amount that our little dojo can hold. It will for sure give us some breathing room while rolling! Next, finally, we are getting a Judo sub floor! This floor will be built using high quality gymnastic foam that will give it a nice bounce and cushion to ease the wear and tear from falls and takedowns! I am super happy to finally give my students a little bit of comfort and the piece of mind that comes with knowing that there is more than a mat between them and a concrete floor. It really feels good to be able to add things like this to the gym, so thank you all for being a part of the team!

Next, I've decided to add another class time to the schedule in order to give more opportunities to train. I would really love to hear from current and potential new students on what time would be good for you to train. What class time would make your life a lot easier if I had it? Or what time would allow you to finally train, if the 12 noon and 6 pm classes do not currently work for you? Let me know what you guys need! Also, add in if you are interested in a cardio kickboxing class, or a wrestling/takedown class. I want to give the students what they want so please contact me with suggestions!

Finally guys, I'm offering great rates on Private Lessons! I will sell these lessons as single sessions, or a great deal for multiple session packages. These lessons are for 2 people so you guys can split the costs. Subject matter is up to you! Here are the rates.


1 Private lesson- $65 = $32.50 per person

2 Private lessons- $120 = $30 per person, per session

3 Private lessons- $150 = $25 per person, per session

5 Private lessons- $200 = $20 per person, per session


Thanks guys for reading and sharing this information with your friends! 

Contact me for information or if you have suggestions!


New Self Defense and Drilling Classes, Lower tuition, and the website gets a face lift!

I have decided since I have opened that I want to change my original plan for Primate BJJ and shift gears into what I think will be a more beneficial class schedule for my students and I. I believe that the new classes will help my students get more in tune with all aspects of the martial art and will allow everyone to become better at a faster rate. See new schedule here. New drilling classes will allow for us to develop muscle memory through fast, repetitive movement drills. These movements can be anything from a guard pass to transitions, submissions, escapes, back takes, you name it, you can drill it! That's exactly what we are going to do. We will keep this class consistent with the weeks subject so this will be a perfect compliment to the BJJ class! I'm also excited to announce that we will be adding a new SELF DEFENSE CLASS TWICE A WEEK! I want to make sure my students get consistent training in the art's purest form which is self defense.  This class is going to focus on perfecting the basic self defense techniques of BJJ. A lot of people out there have taken a self defense class in the past but they don't really know the techniques by heart because they don't get a chance to train them on a consistent basis. Consistent training is key for those who really want to retain the knowledge, in case they may need it someday. This class is very important for WOMEN AND MEN to gain the basic fundamentals that could save your life one day! I have also given the website a slight face lift and LOWERED TUITION RATES! Check it out Thanks for reading guys


Matt Vernon HPIC (head primate in charge)

My Metamoris 6 predictions

Heres my prediction for Metamoris 6, I'll talk both about what I would like to happen vs what will probably happen!
First match of the night will be the YouTube series Road To Metamoris winner vs Jeff Monson. Jeff Monson is going to be a huge challenge for whoever the winner is, but I'm rooting for the young blood in this one. Monson is a veteran in the sport but I love to see new talent emerge! I would love to see the winner of RTM submit Monson, but I predict it will end in a draw. 

Next is Clark Gracie vs Roberto Satoshi in the gi. I'm a huge fan of Clark Gracie just because of his huge arsenal from the omaplata position. Satoshi is an always dangerous and game opponent so it should be an exciting match. This is the only match on the card in the gi, which I'm not too happy about but I do understand that it's hard to find guys who will put on a good enough show to win over the casual mma fan to a Metamoris type event. That being said, I'm hoping for a Clarkoplata finish for the win, but I think this one will most likely go to a draw.

The next match is my favorite match up of the entire card, the legend Xande Ribiero vs Keenan Cornelius, in a no gi match. This is an excellent match up of old school pressure top game vs flexible, creative, and innovative guard play. Both of these guys go for the submission all the time, so I'm excited to see how this one unfolds. Xande is one of the most decorated BJJ and grappling competitors to ever grace the mats, while Keenan is the best young competitor on the scene, who most certainly has a few world championship coming to him. I'm a huge fan of both, so I would love the match to end in submission because no matter who wins, I will be going nuts! Unfortunatley, I also think this one will go to a draw.

Dillon Danis vs Joe Lauzon. This is a very interesting matchup. Dillon Danis is a high level brown belt from Marcleo Garcia's academy, who has won all the big tournaments at the brown belt level. He recently emerged into the spotlight on the last Metamoris card where he battled world champion and ADCC champion Vinny Magalhaes to an exciting draw. He has since signed a deal with Metamoris and is good test against BJJ black belt and UFC contender Joe Lauzon. Joe has some of the best BJJ in the UFC where he has earned many performance and submission of the night bonuses in his career. This should be an exciting fight, where the ending should show us where one of the UFC's top submission artists stands against, arguably, the worlds best brown belt competitor. Joe Lauzon himself predicted the fight only lasting about 4 or 5 mins, and I hope he's right, because that makes for an exciting battle that will most certainly end in submission. I'm hoping Danis snatches something up in dramatic fashion. I'm picking Danis by submission in minute 8!

Next is Babalu vs the Gangster from West Linn, OR. I love the fact that Chael Sonnen is putting himself out there for Metamoris. He really has nothing to prove by competing in a large grappling show, especially competing against the top black belts, himself only being a purple belt. Him doing so, brings over a large number of  new people who normally wouldn't watch a grappling only event, and for that I'm thankful. He is going up against a beast of a black belt in Babalu. Babalu went to a draw with ADCC champion Dean Lister in his last Metamoris outing, showing he will be a tough match for anyone who steps on the mat with him. I'm hoping Chael puts up a good fight and hopefully even catches a sub and upsets Babalu, but I find that unlikely. I predict Babalu wins in the last few mins with a submission.

Last but not least, the main event of the evening, for the Metamoris Heavyweight Championship, Champion Josh Barnett vs ADCC absolute Champion Roberto Cyborg Abreu! This is very interesting. Barnett shocked the grappling world when he submitted Dean Lister, who hadn't  been submitted in grappling competition in over 14 years previously. Cyborg won the Absolute division at the last ADCC, the most prestigious grappling tournament in the entire world. Barnett's catch wrestling style will be fun to watch against Cyborgs very active guard, most famously, his tornado guard. This is one of those matchups that will be hard to predict, and I really hate to throw out what I think will happen, because honestly I have no clue what to expect when these two grappling giants collide. I just hope for an all out war, with someone coming out on top with a submission. But if I had to put money on a result, I would put money on a draw.

So in conclusion, I believe Metamoris is a well put together event, with awesome matchups and presentation. This card will definitely be worth the price of purchase. My only gripe, is the fact that most of the matches tend to end in a draw, with no winner. I'm hoping one day they will find a solution to this problem with sometime of overtime round, because sometimes I just really want there to be a winner! haha!
                                                              Matt Vernon HPIC (head primate in charge)


Opening this Wednesday! April 1st! (no foolin)

First view of the inside of the Academy

First view of the inside of the Academy

Here it is guys. My tiny humble gym is nearly ready. The paint is done, the mats are laid out, and fitness equipment is here. I know what you're thinking, that's not alot of mat space and you're right. First thing I plan on doing as enrollment increases is to fill the floor completely with mats and build a Judo sub floor so that we can practice our throws and have a little cushion. I'm so excited to get things rolling and to watch this place grow along with my students Jiu Jitsu! If you read this, and are interested in trying BJJ, come into the Academy at 4626 E 31st st, tell me you read the blog and I will give you a 30 min private lesson free of charge!!! Can't wait to see all the new faces!

                                                                                    Matt Vernon, HPIC (head primate in charge)

Teaching Plan

    I've been asked recently a lot about how I plan on structuring my lessons at Primate BJJ. So I decided to write it out to not only give people an idea of what to expect, but to help me keep everything in line to give the best instruction possible.

    Let me start by talking about my grappling philosophy. I feel as if I'm a nice blend of old school basic technique and new school flashy, dynamic technique. Let me explain. I plan on teaching my students everything from self defense technique, which is effective in a real fighting scenario, all the way to rolling back takes, cartwheel passes, front flip guillotines and the berimbolo. BUT, I will make sure that everyone has a good grasp on how to survive, escape, take down, pass, dominate and submit before I ever teach the super flashy techniques. I like to think of Jiu Jitsu in terms of a diet, making the basic techniques your fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. The flashy moves are like ice cream or candy. If your eating more junk than nutrient rich foods, well, your diet is crap as will be your Jiu Jitsu. Everyone needs to know how to survive and escape before they can attack and submit. Building this solid foundation of battle tested techniques, will give you confidence in and strength when you find yourself in a bad position. Knowing what to do in these situations will allow you to relax, breath properly, conserve energy, and find your escape. I can't tell you how bad I feel when I see a blue belt who can berimbolo but cannot get out of the mount position. That is a lot of wasted time. Instead of building your BJJ game like the Great Pyramids, with a strong, wide base which can last for thousands of years, it's more like a top. Small weak base which topples over once its compromised, or the momentum has stopped.

    Building a strong base takes a lot of class hours. To get these techniques correct, and retain as much of the instruction as possible, I will typically teach two techniques per night. Classes will start with a warm up, which includes movement drills and a little exercise to get the muscles warm so that we reduce the risk of pulling or straining anything. Next will come the techniques, followed by live sparring (what we refer to as rolling). The rolling session will consist of situational rolling and free rolling. Situational is where we start in the position we are studying in class that day, so we get a better chance to work on what we are learning. Free rolling is where we get a chance to start from a neutral position and get a chance to go at it head to head without anyone starting in an advantageous position. This gives you an opportunity to work on whatever you feel like you want to practice at full speed. 

    Every week we will cover a different topic. Starting, like I said earlier, with surviving and escaping bad positions. Each week we will be doing techniques from one certain position. Staying one position for a whole week gives everyone an opportunity to learn that position, as long as you're staying consistent and show up at least once that week. Also, say we just finished mount escape week, the following week will be the antithesis, which would be mount attacks for the person on top. So basically I have structured it to where we learn how to survive, and then attack from every position. Doing this, I believe, gives the student a chance to work for 2 weeks straight from a position, since someone has to be on top and one on bottom you will be practicing your survival and attacks in your situational rolling sessions. Once I have covered all the positions once, the cycle will start over again and we will sharpen our techniques like a Hatori Hanzo sword!!!!

    Kids class will be structured, for the most part, like the Adult classes. The main difference will be the length of each part of the class. Kids will spend less time rolling and exercising, to add time for games and fun activities that not only teach fundamental movements for BJJ, but also teamwork and character development. Kids will have a blast learning how to defend themselves, exercising, and learning how to be kind and deal with bullies! I am extremely excited to help mold the next generation of leaders, and watch these kids grow and gain confidence!!!

    In closing I would just like to thank everyone who has helped me or guided me through my BJJ journey. From Jim Straley, Jimmy Johnson, Wesley Wilson and all of my friends from Team Nogueira, to my current training partners, and most importantly my Professor Christian Derr who I have taken so much from, and who I hope to one day be able to teach as well as, and run an academy as professional as he does. Also BIG SHOUT OUT to AMERICAN GRAPPLING FEDERATION, my tournament sponsor who gives me, my teammates, and my future students a great battlefield to test and show our skills on!! 

Matt Vernon HPIC (Head Primate In Charge)


Excited to teach the art!

       Hi guys! Matt Vernon here, owner and Head Instructor of Primate Bjj in Tulsa, OK. Let me start by saying I am beyond excited and honored to be able teach the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the people of Tulsa! It has been my dream since my blue belt days to open an academy and pass along this amazing life changing art onto others. 

     Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so much more than just a fun activity that will get you in the best shape of your life. It has enriched my life so much, in so many different ways, that to try and capture all of them in a single blog post is just not possible. So first lets just start with how I got started and  the immediate impact it had on me.

       When I started BJJ, I was tipping the scales, the heaviest I had ever been at 208 lbs.  I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, ate the absolute worst food, and drank nearly a 2 liter of Mountain Dew a day! I was literally killing myself through my diet and bad habits. Frustrated and sick of living and feeling like crap, I knew I had to make a change. IMMEDIATELY. So I started some weight training to get back in shape, but that quickly became monotonous and boring. While lifting, I saw a flyer for Team Nogueira Tulsa, a local BJJ academy that was just opening the doors. For some reason I just knew I had to go check it out. The next day, I go into Team Nogueira and without even trying a class i just went ahead and signed up (something told me this was what I needed). This, ladies and gentlemen was the single most humbling day in my life. I don't remember the exact technique, but I remember my mind was blown from the technique. Then, it was time to roll. If you don't already know, rolliing for the very first time is  very unique experience, different for everyone. Mine was the most memorable ass whooping of my life LOL! I believe I had 4 purple belts in a row to start. Jim Straley (head coach), local badass Sean Kays, and two of the top local MMA fighters at time in Jimmy Johnson and Levi Avera ran through me like a hot knife through butter! I believe in 4 rounds I tapped roughly 30 times to triangles, armbars, rear naked chokes, collar chokes, and maybe to just being smothered in the mount! I was so amazed at how I, this super tough guy, was just made to feel like a child over and over again. I knew right there that I needed to learn how they did this to me! 

       I was instantly addicted. I drove 40 mins 4-5 times a week to Tulsa to train from then on. The results came soon there after. I couldn't breathe when I was rolling and was getting tapped due to complete exhaustion, so I quit smoking cold turkey. I felt awful after training when I got home and poured a soda, so I stopped drinking it. Add these two major changes with the unavoidable full body workout that BJJ provides, I was down to 180 lbs in a little over a month. NO JOKE. I lost nearly 30 lbs in my first month of starting BJJ. Not only was I in better physical shape, I was getting in better 'mental' shape as well. Being humbled on a daily basis is like exercising the ego. Not only will training check your ego, It also teaches mental toughness. Grappling with larger opponents, or getting wrapped up by a smaller, more techincal guy will change the way you think in so many different situations. When you go to the academy and you're getting smashed in side control, or smothered in mount, avoiding getting choked and armbarred, suddenly the little things that may have upset you before, just become so insignificant. Also once you have learned how to escape these awful positions, and do it on a regular basis, you start to build confidence in yourself. You start to see that no matter how bad of a position you are in, IN THE GYM OR IN LIFE, there is a way out! YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND IT.

          Well guys, I'll leave it there for today. That was some of my back story and some of the immediate ways BJJ  changed my life. I promise, if you decide to make BJJ a lifestyle, the benefits are endless. I could go on and on and ramble all day long on this subject. Comment or share your story of how BJJ has changed your life. Or share the story of your first day of BJJ! I always love to hear those!

Thanks for reading!

Matt Vernon, HPIC (Head Primate In Charge)