Adult BJJ and Submission Grappling


ages 13 and up

Jiu Jitsu aka the Gentle Art, was derived from Japanese Judo and was perfected by the Brazilians, who really focused on the fight taking place on the ground. Using timing, leverage, positioning, knowledge of body mechanics and how to apply these principals, a person can survive an attack from a much larger, stronger and aggressive attacker. Not only can you survive by knowing Jiu Jitsu, you can out maneuver and eventually submit a person who does not have the same training as you. It is the most effective martial art for the smaller person or the woman because it does not rely on strength, power or speed to apply the techniques. 

Jiu Jitsu is also one of the fastest growing sports in the world because of how fun it is to practice! Families all over the world and especially Tulsa have started training Jiu Jitsu as a fun activity to keep the family healthy. Jiu Jitsu is one of the best workouts on the planet and it is a lot of fun to do, so you actually look forward to your workouts!!! Everyone leaves the gym completely drenched after every session and all have huge smiles on their faces! We are very beginner and family oriented so don't be afraid or think a Jiu Jitsu gym is like "Fight Club". The environment is extremely welcoming and helpful and I'm sure you will feel right at home! Enter your email below to get details on a FREE class for you or the entire family!

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